2nd LIFE Clothing
Hello everyone!

For now you will get a possibility to show the whole world your big love to old classic cars and to the big events for classic cars lovers!

If you will buy now any t-shirt for Techno Classica Essen event in our shop, you can use it for next TCE as well!
Did you ever visited this awesome place?

I've did it already. And i'm impressed how great the very old cars can still look like in this day and age! People who rescue them - give them so much love! They just give them a second life! It's adorable!

This was also the day i've decided i want to do something beautiful buying old forgotten cars and give them 2nd Life, because i love cars so much too!
Btw. I'm looking a company which could be interested in offering help during oldtimers renovation.

My first oldtimer project will be one old Volkswagen Beetle.
The reason is my father was always dreaming about his own VW Beetle, but unfortunately he has never reach enough money to buy himself this car.
Now when he is old i would like to fulfill his dream and give him an old- but completely new Volkswagen Beetle oldtimer :)
In regards to his current age i need to kinda hurry up.

I know it perfect this kind of process will take unbelievable much time and money. That's why i need your help - as customers, sponsors and donators. The greatest donators will get project t-shirts and gadgets for free!! For direct donations contact me by e-mail.
I've never liked to ask anyone for anything, especially for money.
But i need to start the project somehow.

I've done much work already with creating some websites, facebook fanpages connected with this project.
I've also teach myself to design graphics for printing clothing stuff and gadgets to earn some money for creating my dreams.
I'm not profi designer, i'm still learning new things and getting higher designing levels.

But buing anything in 2ndLIFE shop you'll value my work and help with project. Really thanks for that.
Classik deed, gesture, like classic car.
You can use our t-shirt automatic generator as well, for standalone product designing.

I love everything what's classic. Even in my private life i've buyed an 22-years old car (older cars are much more expensive) to bring him a first shining like in a day of productions! And it's also in progress now.

We can design many clothing parts or gadgets with caption yours idea and in your language if you wish, also great fullprint clothing parts are available now (you can check samples in our shop), besides we can also vectorising your own car to graphic picture - just inform us about: MPEETER@WP.EU
( e-mail is no longer active)
[ Buying our t-shirts and other gadgets from our shop you are supporting "2nd LIFE" - awesome old cars rescue & renovation action. ]

I provide one different online shop with charity textil products already, so i think it's not bad to think a lil bit about yourself this time.

The second point of this project is the finished car will be after all sold (auctioned) and the whole reached money will be transfered for charity things, for kids or similar needs for sure.

There comes more stuff in shop.. MUCH MORE.. soon.
If you can't buy anything and also donate anything, just share this page anywhere you can, inform friends etc. I'll be appreciate :)


Alle Informationen werden bald auch auf deutsch übersetz, aber im Moment habe leider nicht genug Zeit dafür. Es müss so sein, weil ich in Deutschland viele wünderbare Menschen getroffen habe, die genau wie ich alte Autos lieben! :)